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Name: Athos, “Atos Agatova Horka” BH,SVV 1, IGP 1

Czech Import

Titles: BH, SVV 1, IGP 1

Health: DM N/N (DM clear),
Athos can never produce DM affected offspring!

Hips/Elbows: A/O

Athos is available for stud to approved females. Great semen quality and a proven producer.

About Athos

Athos possesses a phenomenal import pedigree. Born from top ranking, Schutzhund titled parentage, his pedigree is chock full of top border patrol dogs. Nearly every dog going back generations can document via X ray as sporting excellent hips and elbows.

While Athos pedigree and Schutzhund training, Athos stands head and shoulders above most GSD breeding stock! He takes to training like a fish to water. Athos demonstrates phenomenal on and off leash obedience. He is safe in public. He is safe with other dogs. He is great with kids. A great house dog and traveling companion. Atos possesses a great on/off switch. And this is what makes Atos such a great stud. He routinely passes these attributes to litters he sires.

In addition to these attributes, Atos demonstrates an affinity for bite work and possesses a great foundation in protection training. Prior to his coming to America, he completed both SVV 1, and his IGP 1 Schutzhund titles. Athos was just gearing up for passing his IGP 2 when Covid hit. With Covid craziness as it was, the decision was made to bring him to the USA rather than wait who knows how long to continue titling him. We could not be happier with that decision. As long-time breeders will know, a great pedigree in conjunction with a demonstrated affinity for training does not always result in offspring who possess these same traits. Atos truly hits it out of the part where it matters.

If you see Atos in person, you will most assuredly fall in love with him. And to love Atos is to love his puppies. The icing on the cake: Atos unique coloring. Like a majestic wolf, Atos’ rare black sable coloring produces uniquely colored offspring. While some import, working line German Shepherd puppies for sale come from a sable parent, fewer still come from black sable parents, and fewer still come from a truly “ultra dark” black sable parent. And this is our Athos (Atos). Athos sports the most spectacular and somewhat rare black sable coloring- and he regularly recreates this fantastic look in his offspring.

We love Athos and we are confident you will as well. If you would like to get on a waiting list for one of Athos’ puppies, send us a quick message. We’ll be happy to update you on what we have in the pipeline.