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Third Generation Dog Breeder

My grandparents titled dozens of champions. My parents won on a national level. As a German Shepherd enthusiast, I am carrying on this tradition. My focus is narrow. It could be defined as rigorously narrow. Here at Guardian Working Shepherds, we exclusively raise working line Shepherds. We have furthered narrowed our focus by by only working with imported, Schutzhund titled lines. Our preference has been the German, Czech and Slovakian working lines. This narrow focus has led us to search out and obtain dogs from some of the highest-titled Sieger, WUSV, and world champion lines we could find. Not only have these bloodlines demonstrated significant aptitude in obedience, tracking and protection, they come from generations of health tested dogs. Painstakingly researching pedigrees, we have sought to only select from those lines with proven healthy hips/elbows. Further narrowing our focus, we only ever use DM N/N clear studs! We could not be more excited to share our passion. In our home, every litter born feels like Christmas. The sheer beauty of these dogs take our breath away. 

A Clear Mission

Our mission is clear. With a deep appreciation for the health and protection qualities of these dogs, we are on a mission to educate GSD enthusiasts on the incredible merits of the working lines. For too long, many GSD owners have suffered through painful health tragedies. Elbows and hips give out. Cancer has become more common. You won’t see a single one of our dogs with exaggerated, roach backs. Towlines on the working lines tend towards a firmer, flatter back with a much more gentle slope towards the hindquarters. This more natural look has often been described as a “wild type” German Shepherd. Not wild with respect to nature, but wild as in keeping with what one finds in nature. Within nature, it’s the healthier animals that survive to reproduce. We find many of the older school, import lines consistently demonstrate the kinds of attributes leading towards sounder health and temperaments. Join us in this movement of making the working line German Shepherds famous!

Located in America’s Heartland

Located a short drive north of Tulsa, Oklahoma, our dogs enjoy a rural landscape. One might argue these dogs live the best of lives! With room to roam, our dogs get plenty of exercise. Living on a ranch, they get exposure to all manner of animals. This can be so helpful in socializing litters. With parents acclimated to cats, chickens, and even cows, this broad exposure from an early age improves latent temperament potential. Exposing puppies to environmental stressors even before their eyes open has been proven to provide long term benefits. A more stable temperament is just one of these benefits.

Limited Breedings

Producing only a few litters each year, we meticulously plan each litter. Not only are we committed to only using DM clear stud dogs, we will nearly always choose a proven, titled male. Building on generational consistency in our bloodlines help improve our chances of producing better litters. If we are doing our job well, our litters will improve the breed, not just maintain. 


Imported, Working-Line Pedigrees

We take pride in only making using the highest quality German, Czech and Slovakian pedigrees. Choosing from bloodlines boasting a rich history of sport/military service, ancestors of our dogs have worked for as protectors for generations. Known for their intelligence, these strong, agile, and loyal dogs continue to excel as protection dogs. Whether you are looking for a loving protector to watch over your home, or a more high drive tracking or police dog, the pedigree on our dogs should have something to match your needs.

Great On/Off Switch

Gorgeous dogs are great!  But the best working line dogs possess some fantastic attributes.  For most situations, a great working dog will have a clear on/off switch. The dog will get it done when working. When necessary that dog will hold a stranger at bay— even attacking when appropriate. But take that dog from that working environment and that “off switch” gets flipped. A dog with a great “off switch” snuggles on the couch. Many of them love to travel. They tend to be great around people without handler aggression. All this, while retaining that unteachable and innate protection instinct!

Commitment to Our Customers

In one of Simon Sinek’s most recent books, The Infinite Game, Simon contends that generational success most often occurs as businesses prioritize people as their highest priority. Go watch Tom Bilyeu’s Youtube interview onThe Infinite Game (it’s fantastic!). According to Simon, long term winning in business rarely occurs unless we put people first. Winning at all costs is a losing, short term game. We agree with Simon. 

Our commitment to you, the customer, begins great dogs. The caliber of dogs that improve a breed can be hard to find! Sometimes it requires a flying to a foreign country. The cost to these dogs can far exceed what might be locally available. But putting people first, putting you first requires we begin with the end in mind. Producing great dogs requires starting with great dogs. 

Our dogs won’t be for everyone. For many families, adopting from a shelter would be a great choice. In fact, such an action will perfectly meet their needs. Some of you are wanting something specific. You know you end goal is a dog without behavior problems. You might be looking for a sport prospect, a working prospect for tracking or police work. And others of you, are just looking for a well-bred dog who is both loyal and the kind of dog well-suited towards watching over your home and family. You are our customer. And you are our priority! If you found our page searching for a working line German Shepherd puppy for sale, jump over to our available puppies page. Pictures should be posted of available German Shepherd puppies for sale. If no litters are on the ground, we’d be happy to update you on upcoming litters. 

A Win/Win Commitment

This commitment ought to affect the way we think about our customers. It ought to affect how we interact with you. It ought to shape how we raise our litters. This commitment means we prioritize you through this process. Our belief is that our long term success is entirely dependent on how well we serve you through this process.

We understand on any given month a quick search will show dozens of breeders offering German Shepherd puppies for sale. Our win/win commitment means we will never be the cheapest. There are inescapable costs that put a floor to the price of our puppies. But if we are doing our job right, one of our puppies should truly make you life just a little bit better!

We know from first hand experience, searching for a German Shepherd puppy for sale can be harrowing. We hope to change this by treating you as family. We know we are doing our job well when more and more future customers are referrals.